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Udp Log Viewer shortly
UdpLogViewer is a .NET 4 WinForm application that receives udp messages from log4net and shows them in a grid.

It is possible to filter them or show in custom colors based on a regex.

Processing of the messages is extensible because it uses IronPython under the hood.


Several years ago we started using log4net as our logging framework. After a while we discovered that it is able to send logs to udp port and that downloaded an application that was able to show the messages. The app didn't have any special features, it even didn't remember widths of the columns, what was very frustrating - I had to setup columns widths every time I ran it.

That's why I created new application that currently has everything what was missing. After almost four years I reopened the project and added IronPython support to be able to add messages processing.


* By default every message gets colored depending on its level. For example ERROR level uses black color on red background.
* It is possible to turn off logs displaying.
* You can display only messages that have particular level and higher (e.g. warnings and upper)
* Settings are stored in file (size of form, columns widths, font)
* It is possible to add custom messages processing via special IronPython file with processing rules. You can
  • discard some messages
  • use custom colors
  • save them to file
  • send to Growl, so you are notified via custom window!
* There may be more files with the rules (names must begin with rules) and you can switch among them just using one click

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